Persnickety Chickens!!!


New order due by Sunday May 14th for pick-up on the 22nd!

Well, we did it! On Friday, we went out to Stolzfus’ farm! He has bred 100 chickens just for Persnickety Protein. He butchered them Thursday and we packed them up and brought them home Friday; about 50-60 chickens between whole and parts. We brought home every single part of the chickens too! There’s a big bag of feet in my freezer! and livers, and hearts and gizzards, necks and backs, as well as the breasts (boneless, skinless or whole), thighs, wings with or without tips, drums and whole legs. We’ve got it all! 

We had a sale to celebrate our new chickens when we got home and that went very well. It’s a good thing, too, because I don’t think we could have fit anymore chicken in our freezer! 

What a crazy day! It took us 6 hours to make the trip to pick up the chickens. Google Maps and old country roads do not mix. We got lost about 3 or 4 times. Traffic was crazy but we made it! 

Fill out the contact form or email : Nancyeprice@gmail. com to receive the whole current list and order by the end of Sunday, May 14th for next Monday’s pick-up May 22nd. 

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