The newest orders are due by tonight for pick-up on the 27th!

We went out to Stolztoos’ farm again to pick up more chickens just for Persnickety Protein. He butchered them Thursday, and we packed them up and brought them home Friday; about 300 lbs. of chickens between whole and parts. We brought home every single part of the chickens too! There’s a big bag of feet in my freezer! There are livers, hearts and gizzards, necks and backs, as well as the breasts (boneless, skinless or whole), thighs, wings, and whole legs. We’ve got it all! 

Fill out the contact form or email: nancyeprice@gmail to receive the entire current list that includes chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey and eggs, and order by the end of the night tonight for next Thursday’s trip to all the other farms and pick-up at our house.

We really love helping friends and neighbors eat more healthily, while we support the family arms that we buy from, to keep the factory farms at bay. 

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