Let’s Eat Healthy Family Farm Foods!

We’re taking orders right now (and up until Monday evening (12/18) for the next scheduled order delivery straight from the farms to our house in Germantown.

The delivery will be Saturday afternoon (12/23) after we call to say we’re back home from the farms.  Then, just come by and pick up the best grass-fed, pastured meats, eggs, dairy products and bakery items (gluten-free, also.)  Payment is due at time of pick-up — by check or cash.  Here’s how it goes:

How to order:

Email: nancyeprice@gmail.com or

Call:    (215) 842-2662 anytime between 10am & 6pm

Orders must be received by Monday evening, December 18th.

Pick-Up will be at our house Saturday afternoon, December 23rd, after we call everyone.

There are still some “frozen” turkeys and turkey parts available for holiday feasts.  These special birds are priced @$4.75/lb. and they will be 12-26 lbs. (Specify anything larger!)

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