New Order Going in for Delivery 1/6/18!

Hi, Folks,

Well, another ordering period is about to end.  Orders are due no later than January 1, 2018 – New Year’s Day.

The good news is – we will be able to provide more “frozen” turkeys and many new turkey parts again with this order to start the New Year.  How about a boneless Turkey Breast or maybe Turkey Wings (Candice does wings b-b-q’d – Mmm!

Also, along with the Pork Scrapple that’s back on the list (under Pastured Pork,) we can now offer Chicken Scrapple and Beef Scrapple(under Pastured Chicken and Beef, respectively.)  Scrapple is a Philly favorite, but this Scrapple is made with only goodness inside!  Check them out!

Whole chickens and all other cuts of chicken are, of course, available in abundance, too!

Last, but certainly not least, we can get you quarts of great, thick Chicken Broth made with love by one farmer’s wife – great for soups and other recipes that call for broth. Candice likes to put broth in her fantastic chili, as well as casseroles and soups.  I’m really glad she does most of the cooking at our house. 🙂

Please note: Unfortunately, there will still be no organic breads for this order.  So sorry!!!


So, get your orders in now!  If you haven’t already filled out a contact form, do so now!

Hope to see you on Saturday, 1/6/18, when we’ll be bring back all the best foods from family farms to Germantown.  Use the order list below.  Thank You!

010618 excel order form (1)

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