My New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Healthy! How about you???

How about starting the New Year on a more healthy note?  We, at Persnickety Protein, work very hard to bring the best, healthiest foods to our area in Philly.  No one else does this — physically investigating farm practices before choosing the best for your family.  No labels can do this — WE DID!!! — and, we continue to visit and buy from the best farms that not only do the right things with their animals and fowl, but also have the best prices for us.

Starting today, why don’t you commit to eating more healthy and feeding your family the “known” healthiest foods available.  We do the work. . .you get the benefit!!!

The newest order list (link found below) has once again expanded to include more meat selections and Gluten-Free Bakery items.  Of course, the Dairy Farm always has the most delicious, raw products, like homemade cottage cheese and yogurts you can imagine.  The raw milk and other products made with it still contain all the enzymes and probiotics for optimal health, because they haven’t been boiled away by pasteurization.  And, because these farms are regularly inspected (and, of course, certified) there’s no risk of contamination.

So, why not try some of the best (sight seen) farms’ foods today?  This order goes in no later than Monday, January 22nd for delivery to Germantown on Saturday afternoon, January 27th.  We always call you when we get back from the long day of picking up the orders from the farms.  Hope to see you then!

Got questions?  Just write to: or call us @ (215) 842-2662.

012718 excel order form (1)

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