New Order List for Delivery 2/10/18, Order Today!!! GO EAGLES!!!

Hello Everyone!

We’re so excited that the Eagles are in the Super Bowl, and we are cheering them on this Sunday!  GO BIRDS!!!

The other thing that is exciting right now is Persnickety Protein’s ever-growing (now 4 pages) order list.  We’ve “bolded” the many newest items and, of course, the other stand-by items are almost always available.  Also, Candice’s Gluten-Free Simplicity Cookies in 4 different flavors are back on the list. Find them below the Dairy Section with the other gluten-free offerings.  Make sure to read News in Brief below for more options!

You know, part of what makes Persnickety Protein special is — we continually research to ensure that we have all the finest items for your choice; we make the long trip to the farms to select all the best foods possible for your table traveling 90 miles and stopping at 3 or more farms that we know are doing all the right things with their foods. We bring them back to Philly and pack your orders for you with care.  All you need to do is fill out the form ahead and pick them up here at our home. For most of our customers, that’s closer than the nearest Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Weavers Way. Nothing could be more convenient! 

Do you know the other BIG difference between Persnickety Protein and other stores where you can order online (encountering problems with systems fraught with difficulties – either technical or food choice-wise) and then pack up your orders for pick-up?

Answer: At Weavers Way, ShopRite and other commercial stores (or even Whole Foods,Trader Joe’s), you don’t know where the food actually comes from or what it has in it.  Most of the employees don’t either! You can’t necessarily believe the labels, sight unseen.  Persnickety Protein doesn’t leave it up to chance!  Because we actually visit, investigate, and then frequent each organic farm every 2 weeks, we can guarantee that they are doing all the right things with their animals and fowl from birth to local butcher. 

Are there items you don’t see on the order list?  Do you have questions about different meats or dairy items?  We’ll be glad to give you answers!  Thank you, in advance, for choosing to eat more healthy and supporting family farms, who exist because of people like you!

Please, don’t wait til the last minute!!!  Order early!  How about TODAY?  Last day to order: Monday evening, 2/5/18.

New Order List Link: 021018 excel order form

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