New List for Delivery 3/3/18, Order by 2/26/18 — Do It Today!!!

We have all heard that eating pastured foods is better for our health.  But, where can we get them and whose labels can we trust?

Our answer is: Persnickety Protein!

Why?  Because we’ve done the legwork; we’ve visited 23 different farms over the 8 years that we’ve been in business; we KNOW what these farms are doing with their animals and fowl, and we can promise that the farms we’ve chosen for you are grass-feeding, pasturing, and giving NO antibiotics or hormones.  Their live stock is sent to local butchers who are USDA inspected and certified, along with their farms receiving regular inspection,  So, you are provided with the very best foods possible.

The meats and dairy products are all natural and truly organic — the look, taste and texture are far and away representative of top quality offerings, not just what the store labels would have you believe.

Why not order some of these foods from our 4 pages of goodness, including bakery items (organic and/or gluten-free) TODAY.  The new order list follows.  Please feel free to call us with any questions before you order.

Peace and Blessings,

Candice & Nancy Price, Persnickety Protein

030318 excel order form

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