New List for Delivery 3/17/18, Order by 3/12/18 — Order Today!!!

Good Morning, Everyone, (and Welcome, New Folks!)
Well, I think I’m tired of Winter now!  I’ve been praying that everyone made it through the last two Nor’easters safely.  It’s been a challenge for so many without power, and I hope by now we all have light and heat.  We were very blessed, only having 2 hours in the dark last Friday, but some of our customer-friends have been without power ever since.
Little Known Fact about Us: One way we can help others is with our AirBNB choices upstairs, especially if you are still without power.  Not only is there light, heat and comfortable (private) quarters, but we have a full working kitchen to cook some of your foods (so you don’t lose it.)  We’d love to have you, so just let me know, and we’ll give you the details on how to book a temporary stay.  And, if you don’t need the accommodations right now, please keep us in mind for when friends and family come to Philly anytime.  We always welcome guests sharing our home.
Back to Persnickety Protein!   While we’re digging out and getting back into the swing of things, another farm order is in the works.  Four pages of “goodness” is waiting for you to choose your favorites.  Link is below this message!
Are there items you don’t see on the order list?  Do you have questions about different meats or dairy items?  We’ll be glad to give you answers!
Thank you, in advance, for choosing to eat more healthy and supporting family farms, who exist because of people like you!  And, thank you for trusting us to bring you the very best farm foods available.  By the way, check out the “snowy” Winter farm pictures on this website.  The animals don’t seem to mind this weather!
Please, don’t wait til the last minute!!!   Order early!  How about TODAY?

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