Next Delivery Day – This Saturday, 5/19! Ordering Extending thru Today, 5/15!

Good Morning, Everyone,
Well, I guess because of Mothers’ Day and other distractions, people have been slow to order this time, so we would like to extend the ordering deadline to this evening (by 9pm) so we can still get our order in to the farms on time.
If you haven’t already ordered, or if you thought of something you need to add, this is the time to do it.  Let us know if you have any questions.
Don’t forget, many of the chicken parts are back and lots are on sale along with picnic items and GOAT MILK!  See below:
Boneless Chicken Breasts (w/skin) great for making a full-bodied chicken pasta salad – no grill needed!
Chicken Necks and Backs and Feet
Whole Chickens split them in half, open them up and plop them on the grill!  Perfect!
Whole Chicken Legs
Chicken Wings (whole – 3 section) for Hot Wings, of course!
Ground Beef and Loose Fresh Sausage for making superb burgers.  See our last recipes for a tip.
Beef/Pork Hot Dogs – Well, what can I say?  What’s a picnic without hot dogs — healthy hot dogs!
And, don’t forget the Gluten-Free Simplicity Cookies for dessert (by the dozen or party platter)!
Hope to see you on Saturday,
(215) 842-2662

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