Next Orders Due by Monday, 6/25 for Delivery on Saturday, June 30th.

Hello, Folks,

Recently, someone asked me if the chickens are organic, free range.

Someone else asked if only some of the animals are raised on pasture.

We know that many of the terms that are on labels are confusing, so, I want to explain and be very clear that ALL the animals that come from them are the following:

~Raised on organic fields of grass (never any pesticides)

~Never given antibiotics or hormones

~Not fed GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) feed – just organic grass

~Other labels say “non-GMO” but that means they could have been fed lots of other harmful and unhealthy feeds, like the meat of a sickly, dead cow, for instance.

~Humanely raised from birth to local butcher (down the road a piece)

~From farms that are licensed and frequently inspected

~They are the only farms that we distribute from, and we see their practices every time we shop for you.

These are claims that most, if not all, providers of meats and dairy cannot make in our buying area in and around Philly.  It’s what sets us apart from them.  We are devoted to making the trip 85 miles away because first, we are committed to feeding our own family the very healthiest foods and, second, we are passionate about bringing those same foods to our customers.

I hope this clears up any doubt you may have had, and we hope to see you soon.  The new order list is below.  All orders are due by Monday, 6/25 for delivery Saturday 6/30.

Thank you!


Candice & Nancy Price  (215) 842-2662

063018 excel order form

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