Our Trip Next Saturday, 7/7/18!


Hi Everyone,

Well, no, great food isn’t “right around the corner;” it has to come from Lancaster County family farms, and then it will be right around the corner in Germantown just for you.  That’s, of course, easier said than done.   Most of you know by now why Candice and I do this service.

But if you’re new to Persnickety Protein, the answer is: Our mission to bring the best foods from known sources who are doing all the right things brings us joy in knowing that we are filling an important need.  Too many people are falling prey to the wrong foods (a lot of it is fast foods) and their health is at stake.  The old saying, “Pay now or pay the doctor!” is true.  We can’t save the world, but we can certainly try.

Thank you all for waiting an extra week to order, so many could participate upon return from vacation.  And, we can get the Diary products again, because we waited a week!  As I said in a previous email, even the Amish go away for short visits with family at times.

“Keepin’ It Brief”:

Fruits and Veggies:

Here’s something to consider. Candice passes a wonderful, large, organic farm stand presently, as she comes and goes from the farms.  This past trip, she bought the most delicious, sweet strawberries and gloriously-flavored, perfect tomatoes.  What a treat!

This Amish stand is open from late May through mid-November.  If you would like her to bring back fruits and veggies as they appear throughout the growing season, just ask us to pick up your choices when you put in your order.  If they have them, she’ll be glad to pick them up to go with your other items.  Prices vary as the season goes along.  There’s nothing like getting that fresh-picked goodness!

New additions to our lengthy order list are —

  1. Frozen Strawberries by the quart.
  2. Menno’s Teas in a variety of flavors.

Check out all of these new items under the “Berries & Beverages” section toward the end of the order list.

And, don’t forget, Humankind Water and Teas are still available, with 100% of the money going to provide water to less fortunate peoples around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are due by this Monday, July 2nd.  Order now!

Delivery will be on Saturday, July 7th.

***Also, we will be starting our “every 3-weeks-on-Thursdays” schedule starting in 2 weeks after this trip.  This means that we will go to the farms on July 19th, August 9th & August 30th.  Orders for those trips will be due on SUNDAYS, as they were last year.  So, mark your calendar on make sure you order 3 weeks’ groceries during the summer schedule. 

In the meantime, be well and eat healthy.

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price

070718 excel order form

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