Make it a 3 week order!

Well, Friends,
We’re really into the summer season, and that means that Candice will be going to the farms on THURSDAYS, so people don’t miss an order; however, please make sure to order for a 3-week stretch between orders til Fall.  With so many of our customers taking weekends at the beech, etc., it only makes sense to accommodate them, so they can continue to eat healthy.  Hence, Thursday deliveries!
ALL ORDERS WILL BE DUE NO LATER THAN SUNDAY AT 5PM for the Summer, and make sure to order for 3 weeks in between orders.  
***That means that this order is due no later than SUNDAY at 5pm, July 15th for delivery on THURSDAY, July 19th.***
If you can’t order by then, please call (215) 842-2662.  We hope this shift in schedule doesn’t inconvenience anyone.  If so, let us know.
“Keepin’ It Brief”:
Fruits and Veggies:
Here’s something to consider. Candice passes a wonderful, large, organic farm stand presently, as she comes and goes from the farms.  This past trip, she brought back the most delicious, sweet strawberries and gloriously-flavored, perfect tomatoes, big zucchini and cucumbers that were so fresh.  Summer’s bounty!
This Amish stand is open from late May through mid-November.  If you would like her to bring back fruits and veggies as they appear throughout the growing season, just ask us to pick up your choices when you put in your order.  If they have them, she’ll be glad to pick them up to go with your other items.  Prices vary as the season goes along.  There’s nothing like getting that fresh-picked goodness!

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are due by this Sunday (BY 5PM,) July 15th.  Order now!  Delivery will be on THURSDAY, July 19th.

***We will go to the farms again on August 9th & August 30th.  Make sure to buy for 3 weeks between trips.

In the meantime, be well and eat healthy.

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price
Price’s Persnickety Protein Delivery
5430 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19144

215 842 2662

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Remember, buying from Family Farms that feed and pasture their animals properly and treat them humanely is not only better food for the health of you and your family, it’s also supporting those farms to help them flourish. It also sends a BIG message to the factory farm industry, that they don’t rule over our health and we won’t support their practices. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Support Family Farms!!!

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