ORDER FOR 9/29/18 DUE 9/24/18

Hello, Friends,

Well, don’t ever let it be said that little things don’t mean a lot.  I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for better weather, so I can enjoy my coffee on the beautiful, peaceful porch.  It’s one of my most favorite things to do while gazing at our ever-blooming gardens, and it looks like the weather will cooperate at least in the next few days.  Hallelujah!  I hope you all have little things of joy to look forward to, if only for a moment in time.

While thinking of things to treat yourself kindly, here’s a suggestion: If you haven’t already seen the announcements on FaceBook, “A Raisin In The Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry (adapted from a poem by Langston Hughes called Harlem, directed by Carla Childs, is showing at Old Academy Players in East Falls (and Isaiah is part of the cast.)  It debuted Sept. 14th and will run through Sept. 30th.  Check their website (www.oldacademyplayers.org) for dates and times of all performances.  Hope to see you there!

About food: As we go back into the routine of “regular” life this Fall, think about routinely eating more healthy.  The best way to do that, as I keep hearing on so many email messages from health-related sites, let’s think about eating grass-fed meats and dairy products.  The family farms we buy from are pasturing their birds and animals on long-time organic (no pesticides ever) fields, and they treat their live stock humanely from birth to local, certified butcher.  They need our support to survive against the industrial (factory) farms. (https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/eating-animals-trailer-natalie-portmans-documentary-seeks-new-future-meat-industry-1108016)   Our farmers are already (and have been) “doing the right thing!”

PLEASE NOTE: This order is due no later than MONDAY EVENING, Sept. 24th for delivery SATURDAY, Sept. 29th.  If you can’t order by then, please call (215) 842-2662.

“Keepin’ It Brief”:

Schedule change — Fall schedule is back with orders due Mondays for regular delivery day on Saturdays, every 2 weeks.

Bakery items — I’m still hopeful that we will have an organic bread option.  In the meantime, a vast variety of gluten-free items, including breads and Candice’s Gluten-Free Simplicity Cookies are available on the current order list.

Fruits and Veggies — Candice is still offering to pick up a variety of produce at the Amish vegetable & fruit stand along her way in Lancaster County  Summer’s bounty is still plentiful, and it’s slowly changing with the season!  Squashes and late Summer fare are great when they come freshly picked!  Everything she has brought us has been delightfully fresh!

This Amish stand is open from late May through mid-November.  Just ask us to pick up your choices when you put in your order.  If they have them, she’ll be glad to pick them up to go with your other items.  Prices vary as the season goes along.  There’s nothing like getting that fresh-picked goodness!

PLEASE NOTE: All orders are due by next Monday evening, Sept. 24th.  Order now!  Delivery will be on SATURDAY, Sept. 29th.**We will go to the farms again on Saturday, September 30th and continue “every 2 weeks.”

In the meantime, be well and eat healthy.

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price
Price’s Persnickety Protein Delivery
5430 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19144

215 842 2662

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Remember, buying from Family Farms that feed and pasture their animals properly and treat them humanely is not only better food for the health of you and your family, it’s also supporting those farms to help them flourish. It also sends a BIG message to the factory farm industry, that they don’t rule over our health and we won’t support their practices. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Support Family Farms!!!

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