Fire Up the Grill with Great Meats! Orders due by 5pm 8/18/19!

Good Morning, Folks!

Just dropping by your inbox to distract you all from the rain and humidity!  We’ve been “off grid” landline-wise since the storm last week, but we’re thankfully back on track.  It cost us dearly when our new phone system was fried by lightning, along with needing a new electric line running to the outlet.  Oh, yeah, and Verizon won’t replace our WiFi router (also damaged) without us buying a new one for $200. Eek!  Can anyone recommend a good one to buy and where to buy it?

All in all, however, it hasn’t been the hottest summer ever, and I thank God every day for air conditioning.  Keep dancing between the raindrops!!!

Anyway, back to business —

Take 5% off the following, and order them for delivery next Thursday.  Before you fire up the grill at the Labor Day weekend get-togethers, plan to include these choices to treat your guests:
Whole Chicken
Whole Chicken Legs
Whole Chicken Breasts
Chicken Drums
Ground Turkey
Ground Beef
Ground Pork (same as Loose Pork Sausage)
Kimchi (try it as a condiment, piled on top your your favorite burger)
We will make the 5% discount on your invoice. 


Also, we have a new listing of Bison offerings on the current order list.  Who knew that so many people would ask for them?  You can also get mountain oysters (testicles), etc., but I wasn’t sure about listing them.  Any interest?

Other new selections include: (cow) beef sausages – fresh, keilbasa, and maple in the order list for $7.65/lb. each.

The next trip to the farms will be Thursday, August 22, so make sure to order starting today thru Sunday, August 18so you don’t miss it.  Order now!  Ask questions, if you need to (215) 842-2662.

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday!  Bring us your vacation stories!  Until then, be well!

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price
Price’s Persnickety Protein Delivery
5430 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19144

215 842 2662

082219 excel order form

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 Remember, buying from Family Farms that feed and pasture their animals properly and treat them humanely is not only better food for the health of you and your family, it’s also supporting those farms to help them flourish. It also sends a BIG message to the factory farm industry, that they don’t rule over our health and we won’t support their practices. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Support Family Farms!!!

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