Coffee, Tea and Cheese. . .Oh My!!!

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Good Morning, Friends!

Something new’s been added!!! — Coffees and Teas!!!

We are now able to offer the following:

  1. Canned cold brew from Thread Coffee.This is a women owned worker-cooperative and use a transparent model of trade, beyond fair trade, they are buying coffee directly from farmers we want to be in solidarity with in order to create a delicious and economically and environmentally nurturing product.
  2. Canned cold brew from Rival Bros Coffeeout of Philly. They use a selection of custom, house roasted blends and seasonal single-origin beans that have been carefully sourced and specially roasted to provide the best drinking experience possible.
  3. Mobtown Ferments, the parent company of Wild Kombucha, is offering a traditional yerba maté product, called Icaro Tea.If you aren’t familiar with yerba maté, it is a South American tea that is rich in antioxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and a great source of energy.

Ask us about samples!!!

Also, Candice and I are big “cheese people!” and now we’ve had a chance to try some of the new cheeses from a couple different Dairy Farms who do all the right things.  We think they’re great!  Look for them and the new coffees and teas at the end (almost) of the current Order List.

In addition, we have expanded some of the meat offerings – Bison and Beef mainly — more steak, too, AND Ground Lamb is available again!!!  I love it!

Ask questions by email or phone (215) 842-2662 to be sure you’re ordering exactly what you want.  This order is due by next Monday, February 17th.  The order pick-up will be next Friday, February 21st.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!  Until then, be well, have hope, and love one another!  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!! 

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price
Price’s Persnickety Protein Delivery
5430 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19144

215 842 2662

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Remember, buying from Family Farms that feed and pasture their animals properly and treat them humanely is not only better food for the health of you and your family, it’s also supporting those farms to help them flourish. It also sends a BIG message to the factory farm industry, that they don’t rule over our health and we won’t support their practices. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Support Family Farms!!!

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