A Customer’s Review with Insight!


I’ve been a customer of Persnickety Protein for about two years now.  Although it takes a little more planning in the sense that I can’t just pick up a package of meat or chicken in the same way I can at Whole Foods or the Co-op, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s worth purchasing from Persnickety Protein.  Why?

  1.  Quality/Flavor:  I have not been able to get meat products in any store as delicious as directly from the farms through Persnickety Protein.
  2. Freshness:  I know some people like aged meat.  I have no interest in it.  To me it tastes as if it’s bad.  The animal products from PP are processed and frozen immediately.
  3. Nutrition:  The meat from PP is a step above grass-fed.  Its pasture raised – meaning the animals are grazing in fresh open fields in the sunshine, not fed harvested grass.
  4. Ethically raised and slaughtered:  Not the easiest subject to talk about, but there are more humane ways to end an animal’s life.  This is important to me if I am going to eat meat.  I don’t want to eat meat from an animal that was traumatized or tortured in its final hour.
  5. Price:  Even with the delivery fee added to the purchase of my order at PP, it still comes to less or the same price as the giant natural food stores and local co-ops.  And so much better quality.  
  6. Supporting small family businesses:  I don’t want to support any large mono-culture.

To me it’s worth planning. I purchase a bunch of meat and chicken at once to save money and time.

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