This order is due between today and next Monday evening (by 8PM if possible) March 27th for delivery on SATURDAY, April 1st. Please order now!


(If you’d like to order, but haven’t yet, go to the Contact Submission page right away and fill out your contact information – completely. We’ll respond promptly!)


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  🌞

Well, I’m back to sitting on our pretty porch, looking at the many varied daffodils that have been blooming for sometime now, and feeling the warmer breezes that are bringing in Spring! I love it!!!

And, Candice has recently begun her seasonal Garden Design and maintenance, (candicepricegardendesign ~ FaceBook and Website) that brings new inspiration and smiles most days. She loves “playing in the dirt!” 😊🌷🌷🌷

Please note: Because she is working some Saturdays this year and folks will be starting to schedule weekend fun stuff, Persnickety Protein will begin delivering orders on Fridays, starting with the next order.

We hope to see all of you soon and help you eat and feed your family and friends “Healthy” foods. Now is a good time for each of you to share the news about where to find the best choices — at Persnickety Protein! Thanks for reading!


*** Chicken Thighs with bone & skin!!!***

We will again be able to offer as many as 4 packs (about 1 lb. each) with each order, starting with this order. These chicken thighs are a very popular cut that has been limited over the Winter. Welcome SPRING! Thanks for being patient with the farms!


Can you believe it?! There are still a few whole turkeys left and they weigh 11-13 lbs. & 17-24 lbs. NO 14-16 lbs. Consider putting one in your freezer for Super Bowl Sunday, Passover or Easter. We always make sure to make turkey soup and turkey salad with the leftovers! 

We will need your turkey order IMMEDIATELY (with a $45 deposit) to reserve one for you but, if you had one for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you know how delicious and fresh they are! They will be frozen for this order.

***Gluten-Free Breads and other Baked Goods!!!***

We are pleased to offer Amaranth 100% Gluten-Free Baked Goods (breads, pizza crusts, rolls, and flatbread.) I’ve put several choices that tested well on our Order List (toward the end of the list.) I love the Black Russian and Sunflower & Honey Loaves!

Amaranth also offers VEGAN bread and rolls. Ask me!

They must be pre-ordered, so make sure to order the baked goods by Monday morning.

***Turkey parts to keep frozen till you need to taste more during the Spring!!!***

Turkey Drums and Turkey Wings are still available for now,and, then, not until Thanksgiving again!. But, don’t forget, you can get ground turkey and some other turkey choices for a little longer!

***”Pork & Lamb” Items – Prices!!!***

A few of the pork and lamb prices have gone up a bit. Most prices remain the same! Check them out.*

NOTE: If you order a Turkey, we need a deposit to secure it.

These birds are fantastic — grass-fed, pastured on truly pesticide-free meadows, with NO antibiotics or hormones, and raised humanely. One big factor is: they’re processed right at the farm (less stress on the bird than being packed into trucks for the long journey to a butcher!) And, don’t forget, the farms are the same ones Candice visits every 4 weeks, so we KNOW what they’re doing and how the animals are being raised!

Don’t forget to “spread the word” about Persnickety Protein and the Family Farms’ Foods and let everyone know about your love of their fine turkeys, as well. We can only make these trips for you with enough volume. We don’t EVER want to cancel an order for too little participation to support it. Thank you all!

(*Ask for our business postcards & fridge magnets to hand to interested folks.*) Or if you’d rather let us explain why we call this “Persnickety Protein,” you can just give them my email address – nancyeprice@gmail.com – and ask them to say, “Asking about Persnickety” in the subject line. I’ll take it from there.

Always ask questions by email or phone (215) 842-2662 to be sure you’re ordering exactly what you want.

This order is due by MONDAY evening (8pm) March 27th. Order pick-up will be SATURDAY, April 1st. PLEASE order early, and call us during daytime hours if you have questions about the schedule or any items! (215) 842-2662.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next delivery from ALL of the farms! Until then, be well, have hope, and love one another! 

REMEMBER: COVID’S and other viruses are still around, so you still need to be careful!

Continue to wash your hands often, wear a face mask again, keep a safe distance AND GET YOUR VACCINES, FLU SHOT + BOOSTERS if you haven’t already! They really help to keep your immunity high. Be safe in small gatherings! This is set to continue for the foreseeable future, unfortunately!

Be safe! Be well!

In peace,

Candice and Nancy Price
Price’s Persnickety Protein Delivery
5430 Wayne Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19144
215 842 2662

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 * Prices for this order are subject to change before delivery, as I’m still waiting to hear from farms that don’t have a phone in their house. If prices of your choices have increased from those on the current Order List, we reserve the right to charge according to the new price quotes. Thank you for your understanding.

Remember, buying from Family Farms that feed and pasture their animals properly and treat them humanely is not only better food for the health of you and your family, it’s also supporting those farms to help them flourish. It also sends a BIG message to the factory farm industry, that they don’t rule over our health and we won’t support their practices. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! SPREAD THE WORD!!! Support Family Farms!!!

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