Our Story

“About 8 years ago, my mother and I took a long ride in a January snow storm searching for family farms that were humanely raising and pasturing their animals. There was no time to waste! I refused to go to the supermarkets for protein products ever again! I vowed we’d either be vegetarians or find decent farmers left in the state of Pennsylvania!” ~ Candice Price

In December of 2009,  Candice read a book called “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer and  fell into a deep depression, imagining animals everywhere being tortured for their whole lives until they would be killed for our dinner plates. The book described such awful truths; secrets that are kept from us by big business to make more and more money and making us sicker and sicker in the process. The book gave one glimmer of hope. It said that sometimes you can find family farms actually still practicing clean humane processes to raise, care for, and butcher healthy animals. Animals that actually go outside! So the investigation ensued. We started at the super markets including Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and then Farmers Markets and, out of all the stores, most of them had no idea where their food came from and the ones that were labeled, had all of the buzzwords: “cage free”, “access to the outdoors”, “free range”. What we realized is that those words created by the FDA are vague ways to get around the truth that most of these animals never go outside and they are just as miserable as they ever were.

So we did a Google search for pastured foods and found as many farms that we could within 2 hours of our house and we took a long ride; actually several! As of 2017 we have investigated about 16 farms. We frequent 3-4 farms depending on demand and prices. Persnickety Protein not only wants to provide the best food there is in Pennsylvania, but we also want to provide the best prices.

How do you get your food?

You fill out the contact form and we will send you the current list and the date our next order is. Right now, we fill orders every 2 weeks. We hope to go every week soon! That depends on you! The more demand we have, the more frequently we can take the trip!

About a week before “Farm Day”, Nancy will send out an email with the current fillable spreadsheet list and you send it back with the items you need. On that Saturday, Candice takes the 5 hour trip out to the farms (over 80 miles away) and brings back all your food to our house, packs it up, and you come to pick it up.  Persnickety does the leg work, from investigation to delivery and you get the convenience of shopping locally, but for the best, most healthy foods you could ever feed your family.