Order today for Sept. 23rd!

Folks, we’re taking orders now for Sat. Sept. 23rd pick-up! Here’s the latest order list: 09-23-17 excel order form (1) Download, Fill, Email to Nancyeprice@gmail.com

Sample Order list

Folks contact us all of the time for prices, because they aren’t on the website. Well, they change so often, depending on the prices we receive and we also have occasional sales, etc. But here’s the latest list just for an idea of our prices. I finally figured out how to upload it ;). You can…

Persnickety Chickens!!!

  New order due by Sunday May 14th for pick-up on the 22nd! Well, we did it! On Friday, we went out to Stolzfus’ farm! He has bred 100 chickens just for Persnickety Protein. He butchered them Thursday and we packed them up and brought them home Friday; about 50-60 chickens between whole and parts….

Pictures from May 6th farm trip

I finally took pictures and then I couldn’t figure out how to share them from this new contraption! Somebody told me this is a phone…but I don’t believe them. Where’s my landline!!! and my 35mm! (I may look 25…) Anyhoo, here they are. Zoom in on the field shots. There are cows way out in…

Gluten-Free Simplicity

Persnickety now has home-made gluten-free cookies! You’ll find them in the bakery section of the list.  Candice has perfected gluten-free recipes that are so good, they’re better than your average glutenous cookie! There are 4 flavors so far: chocolate chip (of course), chocolate-chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter. For Gluten-Free Simplicity, Candice uses pure…

15% Off Fresh Persnickety Chickens

We have our very own chickens!!! A farmer in Delaware County is raising chickens just for Persnickety Protein! We’re going out and bringing back 20 of the first 100 chickens on Friday May 12th! He’ll butcher them Thursday and we’ll pick them up Friday. We’ll be having a Premier Persnickety Peeps Sale! 15% off fresh…


Persnickety has a new Website! Welcome! After 7 years we deserve a new space!